Our ambulatory service provides on-site veterinary care to yards and stables within an approximate 50km radius of the practice.
For studs, we offer a full range of mare reproductive services and foal care. We are able to advise on preventative programs for such diseases as Rhodococcus equi and Strangles. For animals directed at the sales, we are able to provide direct digital radiography, and advice on maximising the potential value of the animal.
For raceyards and other training establishments, we offer a full range of services, including respiratory and lameness work-ups. With a full in house laboratory this ensures fast and accurate results.  We are happy to provide service to all equines within our area, whether used for the occasional hack or aimed at elite competition


We will offer a full range of equine surgery. Surgeries carried out at the hospital include wind surgeries (Hobday, Tie-Back, Tie-forward, soft palate and others), arthroscopy (key-hole surgery of the joints), rig castrations, sinus surgery, angular limb deformity surgeries (to straighten foals’ legs), reproductive surgery, hernia repair and many others. We also carry out many emergency surgeries including joint and tendon flushes, and caesarian sections (C-sections).

Lameness/Poor Performance Investigation

Probably the most common request submitted is to find out why an animal may not be fulfilling its potential. Depending on the use of the animal the answer is often quite varied, will often aid in finding such an issue and this can shed light as to how to proceed in next step.  With the advent of direct digital radiography and higher quality resolution ultrasound imaging, diagnosis and treatment of lameness has been greatly improved. We perform a large number of lameness investigations every year with the view to allowing the animal fulfil that potential. ECG facility and over the ground dynamic scope can also be of use in diagnosing poor performance in the high level athlete.

Internal Medicine / Critical Care

In house care is often a necessity to offer a complete treatment package tailored to the needs of the critically ill individual. This is of most significance in very young foals where the least setback can result in a fatality if not managed aggressively. With 24hr on site intensive care amenities, in house laboratory facilities and on site nursing and veterinary intervention you can be assured of the best of care. Referral of sick animals is not always necessary and in these circumstances our ambulatory services will accommodate the needs of the individual.

Reproduction/ AI Services

We have the full range of equipment needed for carrying out fresh and frozen semen A.I. We also have the facility to store frozen semen for future use, if so required. A full ambulatory service will be offered to studs within the area. There will also be an appointments session from 10 -12 every day at the hospital for visiting mares. Advise on stallion and mare management is available, and breeding packages will be tailored to keep costs affordable for the client.

Pre Purchase Examination

Thorough Investigation of potential purchases is routine practice nowadays. ‘Vettings’ are designed to ensure that you are not buying an animal with a pre existing condition of consequence but also to ensure that you will not inherit an issue that may be of consequence for re sale eg. Osteochondosis Desicans (OCD). Often these conditions can be missed on a routine 5 stage vetting (as they may not be associated with unsoundness), however screening radiographs will find them and can shed light as to the next step.